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in fact it was just a nice as a take away, even if I say so myself..

This dinner was not quite a Korma, not just because I didn’t make it authentically, but because I found half a tin of refried beans in the fridge and decided to add them to the sauce to use them up and I know a korma doesn’t have those in for certain, nor did I marinate my meat over night or anything..
It was a really delicious, tasty, mild, creamy curry and I was pleased with the result, the saag aloo turned out bloody nice too.

Not quite a turkey korma with saag aloo:

korma prep

I roasted off the spices, Panch phoran as well as some more black mustard seeds and fennel seeds then I ground them up fried them off in oil with onion, grated turmeric, galangal, ginger and garlic, some garam masala, ground turmeric, a little chilli and ground coriander.

add spices

Once the had cooked into a sort of paste

cook spices

I stuck a small amount into another pan with some potatoes and gently fried them

cook pots

and added the turkey to the remaining

fry turkey

Fried the turkey and then added some water and let it simmer

add water

before adding some passata and putting a lid on it to simmer

add toms

I added some fresh tomato to the potatoes

add tom to pot

topped it up with water and a splosh of passata and let them simmer along with a chunk of frozen spinach.

add spinach

Then I added the beans to the curry

add refried bnz

and cooked it out, when the potatoes were soft and the sauce thick

cook down

I added creme fraiche to the turkey

add creme fraiche

to finish it off, I simmered it for a few minutes until that was nicely thickened.

I served it with lime pickle, mango chutney, popadums, a half naan and some pakora, bhargi and samosa I picked up in Morrisons..

with samosa etc

OMG, even if I say so myself, that was awesome..

The curry was beautiful


The saag aloo was too

saag aloo

in fact it was just a nice as a take away, even if I say so myself..

turkey korma