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I know it doesn’t look particularity appetising, but it really did taste nice,

This sounds awful, but it was in actual fact delicious, I took inspiration from all of the creamy taco sauce dishes I’ve been making recently, to be honest, it would have worked equally well if I hadn’t finished it with creme fraiche, but as I had half a tub in the fridge I decided to use it up.

I dry rubbed the lamb breast the day before with ras el hanout spices and a Lebanese spice mix, then slow roasted it the following afternoon for about 2 hours as it wasn’t a very big piece.

I made the flat bread with some remaining dough that I’d made for rolls the day before using this enriched dough recipe.


along with a coffee and walnut cake, which may not look like Mary Berry’s, but I bet it was just as nice. I just made a basic 4oz, two eggs sponge mix with the addition of a tablespoon of Camp coffee and some walnuts, I filled it with butter icing flavoured with more camp.

coffe and walnut cake

Middle Eastern lamb with a creamy chickpea broth:

meast lamb and chick pea prep

I cooked some diced peppers and onions, then added the chick peas, some diced tomato and chopped coriander


topped it up with some left over turkey stock I had, water would be just as good, and a little Moroccan seasoning


then I simmered it to reduce the stock


to that I added the creme fraiche

add cf

and cooked it until it had thickened a little

cook out

I know it doesn’t look particularity appetising, but it really did taste nice, I put the lamb on top..

lamb sce

Then finished it off with some pistachios, pomegranate, crunchy broad beans, apricot pieces and a few crunchy chick peas

lamb with chickpea sauce

Served it with some flat bread

lamb with chickpea sauce

it was really nice, I thoroughly enjoyed it..