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I had to lift my Lidl embargo and go in and buy some of the things they had on offer.

I haven’t blogged for ages have I, it’s not that we haven’t eaten, we just haven’t really eaten anything particularly new or worth blogging about, I made a crispy chicken chilli burger, but the pictures weren’t very good and the whole process of shallow frying the chicken was a right palaver and I couldn’t be bothered to take photos.

crispy chilli chix

I did make some sausage rolls to take to my friends last weekend which went down well, I forgot to take a pic of dinner, but it was a lovely lasagna.

sausage rolls

Anyway, the other week I got a Lidl brochure in the paper and having a quick browse decided I had to lift my Lidl embargo and go in and buy some of the things they had on offer.

I stopped using Lidl at the beginning of this year because when I commented to a ‘shelf stacker’ about the lack of tills that were open he was incredibly rude and told me if I didn’t like it, to shop somewhere else, so I did, not that I went in there often or did my weekly food shop in there, but all the same…..

But when the likes of moose and kangaroo are on offer, I couldn’t not get some, so this is part one of the

Lidl project:

The first time I went in there I bought these


Sometime last week we had the kangaroo..

kangeroo leg

I’ve not had it before, it was really nice, so much so I popped back in to buy more and picked up a few other things which I’ll blog about as soon as I’ve eaten them.

Kangaroo only takes about 5 minutes on each side, so I simply panfried it along with some onions, mushrooms, red wine and a splash of water

onion mush

and reduced the liquid down to a thick jus.

in sauce

I served it with some Dauphinoise potatoes and veg.


Imagine a really tender filet steak at a fraction of the price with a slightly different taste and you’re there, definitely worth buying..


I was a bit dubious about the moose leg steaks, but they were just as delicious, not as gamey as I thought they’d be, which I was glad about,they were rather expensive, I paid £8.99 for them, but I will buy more this side of Christmas.

I pan fried these too, kept them rare


and served then in bread as a steak burger

moose bun

with some home made oven chips.


So the Lidl project started off rather well..

This is just a gratuitous pic I took of the delicious breakfast I had in Cafe Rouge Thursday morning, eventually Mr 5 will be able to come along again, but I was really missing going in there..

cr brfast