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Even Mr 5 liked it, despite it being quite fragrant.

It’s been a really weird week, on a really positive note, Mr 5 enjoyed his first trip out that wasn’t on a stretcher to the hospital in 18 months on Wednesday, we went to cafe Rouge for breakfast and he was so pleased to finally achieved a goal we didn’t think possible last year, it was a marvelous success and something we would like to try and do at least once a month from now, although it has taken him several days to recover, he said it was well worth it.
The dog had to go to the vets to have a lump removed from his paw, so he’s been out of action, really bored and frustrated this last week and unable to go out for any walks, which has thrown me out considerably too, in fact on several afternoons I’ve gone out by myself, which he didn’t look happy about.


and the not such good news was the biopsy results, it was a grade 2 tumour, they removed it but couldn’t get a clear margin all the way round, so it might come back in the same place, or elsewhere.
Prognosis is safe to guarded.
So something else to worry about now, despite trying not to.

We seem to be having quite a lot of soup lately, which is no bad thing, I’m not sure where this idea came from, but I’m glad I had it and despite discovering I didn’t have any Thai curry paste after all, when I went to make it I think I improvised quite well.
I used up a piece of cheese and bacon roast chicken breast from the night before’s dinner.

Thai chicken and rice soup

thai chix curry rice soup

So I fried off some onion, added grated ginger, galangal, turmeric, lemon grass and garlic, some ground coriander, cumin and crushed chillies, some fresh chilli and spring onion


I cooked it all out until I had a paste and then I added some green peppers

add peppers

then some jasmine rice

add rice

topped it up with water, the diced left over chicken and half a sachet of creamed coconut


bought it to the boil and let it simmer to cook the rice, the starch and the coconut cream did the job of thickening it up


considering I don’t really know much about Thai, this didn’t taste far off had I used bought curry paste, so I was quite pleased with myself.


I served it with some mini poppadoms I had left over

add pops

Even Mr 5 liked it, despite it being quite fragrant, certainly something I’ll make again, although I might go from a red version next time..

This was a quick soup I made because my mind was a blank when I went to the fridge and I’d forgotten to get something out of the freezer for dinner but I knew I wanted something with veggies in, this would make a good vegetarian option if one left out the bacon as would the Thai chicken soup with out the chicken.

Quick bacon soup

I fried off some bacon, added some diced vegetables

cook bacon and veg

added a little corn flour to make a roux then used some water and a veg stock cube to make the soup, simmered it until it had thickened

add stock

and served it with some cheese croutes.


That was really quick and easy to fling together and tasted delicious too.