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I do know it is possible to make a different meal for every day of the year, I also know now that it is quite hard to maintain this

Goodness me, has it really been a month since I blogged here..
To be honest I have struggled to find the motivation this last month, things have been a bit crappy at our house due to one thing and another, but I feel like we are winning and coming out the other side, Christmas came and went, and to be honest, I didn’t make an awful lot of effort making anything new,

It’s given me time to think about what I’m doing with this though, I do know it is possible to make a different meal for every day of the year, I also know now that it is quite hard to maintain this, it’s not that I’ve run out of ideas, I have a whole food bucket list still to do, It’s just that sometimes it’s easy to chuck something in the oven and be done with it, nor did it help that Mr 5 lost his appetite and is eating the same amount as a small child of late, and whenever I ask him what he wants, he’s says either a chilli or fish risotto so I just haven’t really bothered, I have decided to endeavour to add to this at least once a week from now on.

Anyway, I decided that if I were capable of cooking for myself for 6 months in 2013, I could bloody well get on and do it again and Mr 5 could have as many fishfinger sandwiches as he liked..

I made this last month, after another request for fish risotto, so it seems quite apt to start the new year with it.

Smoked fish chowder:

I used smoked cod and smoked haddock for this dish, and I picked the dyed stuff for colour.

fish chowder prep

I sweated off the vegetables to soften them and give them a bit of colour

cook pots etc

and the I topped it up with water

add stock

and let it simmer so the potato broke down and thickened it all up, I think I might have added some leftover creme fraiche, but I can’t be certain.

simmer down

I seasoned it and added the cubed fish and some prawns

add fish

gently cooked the fish and then served it with crusty bread and a hard boiled quail egg.

with quail egg

I’d bought the eggs to make scotch eggs for Boxing day but we had a mini crisis and I spent the day in A&E instead, so I never got round to it..

smkd fish chowder

Although I did make some sausage rolls

s roll 1

It was really nice, I thoroughly enjoyed it, Mr 5 ate it all up so that was great too..

smkd fish chowder

oh and I made coffee and walnut cake, using this recipe Cake recipe

It’s the second time I’ve used it, it always comes out beautifully


In fact I must make another one soon.