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I did make pudding though, so I didn’t really cheat much..

Last weekend was mine and Mr 5’s 10th wedding anniversary, unfortunately he slept through most of it because of some ongoing issues with his medication which make him drowsy and unable to stay awake for any length of time, he did manage to stay awake for dinner though, which was a bonus.
I had asked him what he would like the day before, and he said crispy duck.

10th Wedding Anniversary dinner:

Sweet chilli prawns 


Crispy duck

mands duck

Whisky tumbler Raspberry trifle


I’ve already made crispy duck

with hoi sin and cue

and  didn’t feel like tackling it again, so I bought one from Marks and Spencers along with some battered, sweet chilli prawns, I’ve also made them before.

prawns close

I did make pudding though, so I didn’t really cheat much..

Pudding was a raspberry trifle which consisted of a sponge base, I made a fatless sponge of 1 egg, 25g sugar and 25g SR flour, cut out circles and put them in whisky tumblers and dowsed them in rum..


On top of that I added raspberry jelly, I just used a cube pack, popped in some fresh raspberries and set it in the fridge, then added a layer of custard, Birds packet mix I’m afraid.


Then I finished it with whipped cream and a raspberry coulis, which was just sugar and raspberries, cooked down with a cardamon pod and strained.

rasp coulis

On the whole it was really a very nice dinner indeed, Hopefully when we’ve sorted out the morphine ween and he wakes up, we’ll be able to arrange a trip to cafe rouge in a month or so..