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I made this ages ago and just discovered it in my ‘to do’ folder, I had to wrack my brains to remember what the meat was, I knew the mince was beef but the other steak was eluding me, then I recalled it was moose..

I had some spicy beans left over from something and decided to make a sort of spicy, harissa seasoned, meatball thing..

Moose and beef harissa meatballs

harissa meat balls prep

I roughly minced the moose steak with a knife, mixed it together with the mince and a little harissa paste and made it into meatballs


Which I baked in the oven.

The sauce was a mix of onions and peppers, the spicy beans and some tomato puree, wine and harissa seasoning.

make suace

Which I simmered down to a sauce


I added the cooked meatballs for a few minutes

in sauce

and served it with spaghetti and garlic bread

with gb

topped with a little Parmesan and some pomegranate seeds

with pomegranate

As I recall, it was delicious.