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I think I prefer a slice of cake to a cup cake

One of the reasons I’d stopped taking that many food pictures recently was because the clip on the goose neck lamp I fix to my cooker hood for extra light was misshapen and I had to stopped using it, as a result the photos I was taking weren’t really lit well enough to bother with..

Fortunately I was able to get a replacement in Homebase, so I’m hoping that, and the longer days, ok extra hour of light in the evening will motivate me to get back to making interesting dinners..

This post is a mish mash of things I’ve done that don’t justify a post of their own, mostly it’s just baking and mostly things I’ve made before ..

Tiny lemon tarts

I made these because I found a pot of frozen limoncello filling in the freezer, It had been there since September.. eeek When I made the staying in dinner I assumed it would be a bit naff after all that time so I bought some pastry cases and didn’t really think they’d come to much, but I was surprised, they were very nice indeed..


I topped them with some fruit and they looked the part..

lemon tatr

I think we had them for dessert on Valentines day, but it was such a long time ago I can’t remember.

Still slightly addicted to Coffee and Walnut cake, I decided to make half a cake and some cupcakes rather than a full cake, I used the same tried and tested BBCgood food recipe because it is fool proof.

coffee cupcakes

I think I prefer a slice of cake to a cup cake

coffee cake

While I was making the cake I whipped up a quiche


Demi Baguettes:

I’ve made these before, using a Paul Hollywood recipe..

I was pleased how well these turned out, in fact I think they were better than the first lot I made



I had them with some cold meat and cheese

cold meat

Because they turned out so well I decided to start making an effort to make more bread..


Which is the next post…