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I don’t need to tell you how gorgeous it was, I think you can see that..

The chicken pie photos looked rather good I thought, which is the only reason they are on the post, oh and maybe someone might be inspired to make a pie..

Chicken pie:

I made this at the end of pie week, which was.. um, a few weeks ago probably, which just goes to show how behind I am, I was inspired by my friends chicken pie effort and decided I’d have to make something seeing as I’m meant to be doing a food blog..

I had some shortcrust pastry left from the quiche I’d made and used that for lids, the filling was just chicken and veg in a cream sauce, which I totally forgot to take a picture of, but I did remember to take one of the lidded pies.

I made two, a smaller one for mr 5, who still has the appetite of a gnat.

pastry lid

I baked them until the tops were golden..

pie lids

and served them with chunky oven chips..

pie and chips

I ought to make pie more often, I shall have to think of something interesting to put in one..

pie filling

Rump steak sarnies:

I have made a bloomer before, about 2 years ago, can’t think why I don’t make it more often, it’s dead easy and usually eaten within the day and it makes great toast, I am going to make a concerted effort to make it more often, anyway this is just more gratuatous food pics for the hell of it..

The bloomer turned out brilliantly

bloomer 1

I was really pleased with it, I might make two small ones next time.


I pan fried a rump joint


then stuck it in the oven for about half an hour and served it with the bread


and mustard, horseradish


and chunky chips and that was all it needed

fat chips

I don’t need to tell you how gorgeous it was, I think you can see that..