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I bought the bones in Morrisons on a whim, they were very cheap, only a few quid

I made this a few weeks ago but only just got round to blogging it, I seem to have lost enthusiasm for cooking and blogging at the moment, Woofboy is beginning to concern me, he was 12 the other day and is showing his age and has really slowed down, I then worry about whether I’m taking him on too long an epic scamper so we’ve had to alternate long walk days, which in turn pisses me off because that was one of the things that kept me occupied.
Mr 5 is still sleeping more than I’d like, kind of trying to sort that out still but everything seems like such a drag and I feel quite isolated, I should be over the moon considering he now has a bed booked for his first hip replacement in June if all goes to plan but I just think of all the emotional stress that its going to entail and am not sure I have the energy, I can’t even be bothered to go out and potter in the garden, still, as my mum says, mustn’t grumble, so I’m making an effort to muster up some enthusiasm..

So on with the soup, I bought the bones in Morrisons on a whim, they were very cheap, only a few quid, so it was quite a cheap meal, I made the bread..

Beef and tomato soup:

soup prep

I started by roasting the bones in the oven and after about 40 minutes scraped the marrow out


and added some roughly chopped vegetables

add veg

I put that back in the oven and made some bread dough

When everything was roasted I took the meat from the bones


and transferred it into a pan with some of the dripping and added some flour to make a roux, I cooked it for longer than usual to make it brown


admittedly it doesn’t look very appetising there.

Then I added some beef oxo stock, a carton of passata and a tin of chopped toms, some fresh tomatoes and parsley


Then I put the covered saucepan in the oven on low and simmered it for a few hours, this meant I could get on with other things without worrying if it would reduce to much


After that I strained it, removed the meat from the ribs and put it back in


added a touch of gravy browning and served it with slices of cheesy bloomer

soup and bread

it was a bit time consuming if I’m honest

beef soup

but it really was very nice, I made two half bloomers this time round


cheesy bread