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All in all, two rather respectable dinners from a packet of mince and some ready rolled pastry..

I bought two packs of JusRol puff pastry because they were on offer, one lot went for sausage rolls and I decided to use the up in a beef slice, like the ones you get from Gregs, only much nicer, with far more meat and less grease, so nothing like Gregs really, I only used half of it though, which is why I was able to make the pizza slice the following day, using the leftover mince..

Both were easy to make..

Minced beef slice:

I made a mince filling by frying the meat with some onion, draining off the excess fat, although I have taken to paying that bit extra to buy 10% lean Aberdeen Angus mince these days and then using a beef gravy packet mix.

I put it in the fridge to cool down a bit before using it..


Then it was simply a case of putting the meat onto the pastry, folding it over, crimping the edges and egg washing it


Before baking it until golden brown

minced beef slice

I served it with mushy peas and carrots and some mashed potato I had leftover in the freezer..

The following day, using the leftover pastry and mince I made

Chili beef pastry pizza:

I added some sweet chili sauce to the mince to make these pastry pizzas


covered them in veggies and mozzarella then put them in the oven until baked.


I had them with hash browns, which I didn’t make myself I’m afraid..

with hash browns

All in all, two rather respectable dinners from a packet of mince and some ready rolled pastry..

This third meal is really just fillet steak porn lol..

I stole the idea from Cafe Rouge, the star of the show is the herb butter..

steak dinner

I use unsalted butter and a combination of fresh herbs, dried herbs fine and herbs de provence, quite simply melt the butter with the herbs in and leave to stand while everything is cooking..

butter steak

it really is delicious, definitely one of those things to indulge in now and again..