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and I finally felt like bothering to cook again

Has it really been five months since I last blogged..
To cut a very long story short, I lost sight of a lot of things for a while..
Blah, blah, blah, Mr 5 finally had his first hip replaced, my doctor prescribed me some happy pills, I actually feel like me for the first time in ages and I got the light in my cooker hood fixed so everything was brighter all round.
and I finally felt like bothering to cook different dishes again.

The first thing I felt to urge to make was a Coffee and walnut cake I only made half of one because it was only me at home at the time and a whole cake would have been greedy and besides I didn’t have the right ingredients..

Recipe for half a coffee cake when you only have one egg and plain flour..
75g Plain flour
75g caster sugar
75g stork
2tsp baking powder
1 egg
Milk, measured in the egg shell
glug of camp coffee
Whizz it up in the food mixer using the all in one method..
put into single greased, lined cake tin and bake 180 c for 14 minutes..
Fill with coffee butter icing..

It turned out lovely considering..


Having made the cake I felt like making some bread..

So this is Japanese Milk bread:

I used this recipe

I was quite interested in the Tangzhong Roux (also called a Tangzhong Water Roux or Water Roux) is a flour and water roux that is added to yeast bread recipes.
I’d never heard of it before but it was fairly straight forward..

I put the final dough rolls in sideways up by mistake free styled my loaf design by putting the dough end up in the bread tin..

But I think it makes a far more interesting shaped loaf..


Maybe just a smidgen too brown


but nevertheless, a bloody lovely loaf of bread even if I say so myself, gorgeous, slightly sweet like brioche but not necessary to leave over night

dough 1

and it made fabulous toast..

dough 3

oh and I made another cake, just a vanilla sponge this time..


Hopefully I shall get back to doing this properly, even if only I look at it, it should motivate me to be a bit more enthusiastic about things..