About me

It’s about time I updated this, how quickly a year goes by..

I’m 45 now, I’m a woman and I’m a full time carer for my severely disabled husband who has far to many complicated things wrong with him for his own good, that fact that is still alive amazes most of his consultant, primarily he suffers with Crohns disease and a rather rare form of adult ricketts called Hypophosphatemic Osteomalacia, which has resulted in him being bed ridden with bilateral hip fractures, as yet untreatable so he is pretty much reliant on me, it’s not the most glamorous of life styles, and certainly not enviable, but it could be worse and I’m quite happy with my lot.

We live in Hampshire  and when I’m not caring, cooking or teaching myself photoshop I like to go out on epic scampers with the dogs to keep fit and sound of mind, otherwise I’m sure I’d have gone mad by now.

I started this blog as a self project with a little prodding from my on-line friends, the internet really has been my saviour in that respect, it’s given me a virtual social life, caring can be somewhat boring and lonely after a while, I wasn’t sure how this would progress, but I’ve done the 365 meal challenge and it is possible to eat a different meal every night of the year, now I’m just muddling along and making whatever takes my fancy and blogging anything different I’ve made..

Showerstorm x


Showerstorm is the name I go by when posting up my photoshop images just in case you were wondering.


13 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hi! I think your blog is awesome and i nominated you for the Sunshine Award. If you wish to participate, follow the steps outlined on my post by clicking on the following link: http://thevibe101.wordpress.com/2012/12/13/the-sunshine-award/. Whether you join in or not, I think your blog is amazing! The Vibe


  2. Hi, I just stumbled upon your recipe while going thru my daily blog reads. I absolutely love what you re doing. My husband is just recovering from a major surgery himself and I can relate to your story. I love your banner picture. It’s like a dream picture. Please feel free to go browse my link http://pratibhajanisvegetarianrecipes.com
    if you like. Hope it all works out well with you and your family. Stay strong and healthy. See you around the blog.


  3. I wish I had the time to cook 365 meals! It’s too much with my schedule and I wish I could.


  4. Hi! You have wonderful blog! And keep posting meals:)



  5. I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! I really enjoy your blog, and wanted to give a little recognition. If you’re interested in participating, you can find the info on my Awards page at http://feedingdarragh.com/awards/.


  6. Congratulations! You have been nominated for the Versatile blogger award. Please collect it at



  7. Hi! I’m nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please feel free to accept or decline; I’ll keep reading you whatever you do. I love your approach, and frankly it’s just plain nice to see recipes from another omnivore!


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