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I was rummaging through the freezer and writing out my shopping list the other day when I found half a packet of ready rolled rough puff pastry, (I’m not a great fan of making pastry, I find it quite boring so anything like flaky or ruff puff I buy ready rolled) I’d used the other half to make a chicken and ham lattice pastry thing a while ago, and I thought I’d better use this up before it got freezer burn.

I also had some emmental that was going a bit dry round the edges, an over ripe beef tomato and a packet of continantal meats that I’d bought and forgotten what I was going to use them for, so, with the addition of some mushrooms that had seen better days and some peppers that had not and a handful of basil…


Mediterranean flan type thing.

I roughly chopped up the peppers, onion and mushrooms, put them on an oven tray with a drizzle of olive oil and some mixed herbs and roasted them for 10 minutes, when done I simply heaped them onto the pastry along with the prosciutto, I decided not to use the chorizo or salami after all and just ate a few bits while I was waiting instead. I tore up the cheese, added half the tomato and some basil.

Then I put it in the oven and realised I had forgotten to add garlic, durrrr..

nevertheless it turned out really nice, we had it warm for lunch, it really didn’t take any time at all.