My Friends.

and what they had for dinner

I’ve been cajoling my facebook friends into taking photos of what they had for dinner in the last week or so, it’s been quite a challenge, I don’t know if people are loathed to share what they had or they just can’t be bothered to take a photo, but my incessant nagging seems to be paying off and I now have enough pictures to start a page dedicated to them..

So thank you friends..

The point of this, apart from the fact that I’m a nosy cow is that I want to compile a selection of meals that people like you or I may have for an average evening meal.

None of it is fancy, it’s just dinner and maybe like I have, others will get inspiration for something different.

Hopefully I’ll be able to add to this as people begin to become more forthcoming..

What my friends had for dinner:

Pad Thai Noodles: courtesy of Nes..

Not only does this look absolutely amazing, the presentation is pretty awesome too..

nes's Pad Thai noodles

She also took a photo of a her easy  chicken, courgette and mushroom risotto.

“I had some left over green beans from last night’s dinner and decided to make a salad out of it with tomatoes, garlic, green onions, red onions, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.”


Round steak with mushrooms, green beans tossed in browned butter and roasted red potatoes in olive oil with garlic and herbes de Provence.
nes's steak

This is Rowans dinner, who claims she can’t cook very well, but if you ask me, she’s done a cracking job.
marinaded salmon:
with a lime juice, herb, sea salt and flower dressing, served with minted anya potatoes and mixed veg

rowans dinner

She also made a seafood chowder:

rowans chowder

Mark’s dinner was

Slow roast belly pork:
with roast potatoes, parsnip, leeks, green beans and carrots.

mark's diiner

I like the token leek, I’d have probably eaten treble that amount of food though, or maybe I’m just a piggy..

Martin’s Dinner was a Beetroot salad:
Martin made a chilli for a post for me earlier this month, personally I can’t stand beetroot, so I’m afraid you’ll have to come up with something better than that..

marts dinner

and he did, or rather his flat mate did;

Martin’s flat mates
Homemade cream of asparagus soup:

mart 2

This is Jules’ dinner, made by K.D, it wasn’t her night to cook..

Thai chicken with Jasmine rice:
with cucumber raita, having had this cooked for me when I’ve been to visit and having cooked it myself since, I can safely say, this is bloody gorgeous and I shall do a post soon..jules dinner

Papyrina, who kindly gave me the recipe for horrible meatballs had

pork chop with roast potatoes:
papys pork

These are my mums

cheese and onion relish parcels:

cheese and onion parcels


what did you have for dinner last night?

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