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my good intentions had gone out of the window and I thought, bloody hell, love, what were you thinking..

A few months ago I came across a recipe on here for some tear and share cinnamon bread which I promised myself I would make, now I’m going through a dough phase it seemed like a brilliant idea but I couldn’t for the life of me find the post, I did look on line for a suitable recipe but all of them had the ingredient measurements in volume rather than weight, it’s an American thing and it seems wrong to me, if you imagine that a cup of lead shot is the same volume as a cup of polystyrene balls, you’ll understand and trying to convert it was a nightmare, I used several converters because the first one didn’t seem right and the measurements ranged from between 709 g to 325 g for 3 cups of flour, so I gave up and looked instead for a rich egg dough..

mixed spice tear and share

500g strong white bread flour
15g butter
1 tsp salt
7g dried yeast
2 eggs
200ml water

It was just a case of rubbing the fat into the flour then mixing everything else together and kneading it to a smooth dough.
Then I put the dough in the bowl, cling filmed it and left it for 2 hours..

By the time I got back to it, knowing I had a roast lamb dinner to cook, my good intentions had gone out of the window and I thought, bloody hell, love, what were you thinking..
So I knocked it back, cut it in half, put one half in the fridge and tackled the rest to the best of my enthusiasm..

I cut the dough into 3..

The first piece I rolled out, sprinkled with brown sugar and mixed spice.

roll out

cut it up and stacked it..


cut it into 3 and then stuffed into a muffin tin.


The second bit I couldn’t be bothered to stack, so I just rolled it up.

roll ups

The third, I just mixed the remaining sugar and spice into the dough, rolled it out, cut it into squares..

square dough

and stuffed them in to the muffin tin.


Then I left them to rise again while I got dinner out of the way..

roast lamb

Dinner was lovely..
When I came back the dough had risen

rise again

I put it in the oven while I washed up, for about 15 minutes I think..


I drizzled a little glace icing on half..

and they were lovely, I saved some for breakfast..

tear and share on plate

Next time, I’ll use this recipe and make a proper, got enough time loaf..