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and was inspired to make cous cous and lentil burgers

The other day I was searching for some dried fenugreek on line and a friend of mine said to try the spicery, so I did and I’m very glad I did.

I adore spices and have quite a collection

more spice

so this was right up my street, instead of going mad and buying tons of stuff, which was quite difficult actually,  I decide to rein myself in and just take advantage of the tsp offer and buy a few tasters first.


Eager to try out the  Ras el Hanout I decided to make a Moroccan stew using a piece of ox cheek, when did that become fashionable?

I was going to have cous cous with it but I stumbled upon post for veggie burgers on the freshly pressed page earlier in the day and was inspired to make cous cous and lentil burgers, so thanks Julie..

 Moroccan style ox cheek stew with lentil and cous cous burgers:

ox cheek prep

I sliced up the onion and fried it off before browning the ox cheek, then I added a tsp of ras el hanout, ancho powder, Moroccan spice mix, some celery seed and harissa paste and cooked it out.

add spices

Then I topped it up with water and wine, added some lemon wedges and put it in the oven on 125°

with lemon

after 2 hours I took it out and added some peppers, herbs and cherry tomatoes.

add toms

and then cooked it for another hour and a half.

I took it out, thickened it a little with a cornflour and water fecule and then put it on the  hob on low so I could turn the oven up for the burgers.

I blitzed up some onion, herbs and grated carrot in my mini blender, then whizzed up some cool steamed cous cous , cooked green lentils and seasoning and formed the resulting mix into burger shapes..

make burgers

Then I put them into the oven on an oiled roasting tin until they were brown..
When they came out I sprinkled them with Dukkah

cous couslentil burger

The ox cheek stew was gorgeous, spicy but not too hot, the meat fell apart.

ox cheek tagine

I topped it with a lentil and cous cous burger

with cous cous burger

Which were beautiful, really quite light and fluffy with a lovely crunchy outside.
I shall definitely add those to my repertoire and they were a doddle to make…

with bread

Had some ugly bread with it to mop up the left over gravy..

I would never have thought of that had I not seen the burger post, glad I did..