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So all in all a really lovely dinner and I was quite chuffed with my handy work.

I first met Mr 5 26 years ago today, we met in a crowded pub and were both a little worse for wear, ok, we were both rat arsed, how we managed to get it together is anyone’s guess, but we did and still are, on Friday, because we are unable to go out I made us a nice dinner.

I decided on a prawn salad to start


and for a main course, Chicken and veal quennelles which I haven’t made since I was at college 27 years ago, but I remember quite clearly how to make them because out of everyone in the class I picked up the knack of how to rocher them quite quickly and was used as an example..

First of all I blitzed a breast of chicken in the food processor, added some minced veal, seasoning, two slices of bread soaked in cream and an egg and whizzed it all together


I decided against passing it through a sieve because it would have taken far too long and then shaped them using the two spoon method before poaching them


I turned a few potatoes and shaped a couple of stuffing balls in advance


and then while we were eating our starter, roasted the potatoes, stuffing and the chicken quennelles


I was rather pleased with the end result, they turned out beautifully, I served them on a little bread sauce

turned pots

along with some pigs in blankets and some chicken jus

with jus

for dessert I chose panna cotta, I’ve never had it before, it’s been on my food bucket list since Christmas..
I used this recipe and made the raspberry sauce the day before, along with some shortbread thins using this BBC recipe, I just rolled out the paste much thinner.

I was a bit apprehensive as to whether it was going to set, but it worked beautifully..

panna cotta

I added some raspberries and a little sieved sauce as a garnish


and the shortbread finished it all of perfectly

rasp sauce

So all in all a really lovely dinner and I was quite chuffed with my handy work.

Last night I used up the left over quennelles in a pasta dish, same method as the Penne gigantica al forno

Which was very nice indeed

leftover pasta

Mr 5 had a fish finger sandwich


I’d made a couple of extra mini desserts the day before and we had them with raspberry sorbet..